DSI® rainwater infiltration and ground drainage at Apeldoorn, Netherlands

DSI stands for Düsen Saug Infiltration, a technology also known as Fast High Volume Infiltration (FHVI). The principle of the technology is that water is infiltrated in special layers in the ground. These special layers are identified by FHVI. For that reason it is possible to infiltrate more water than with traditional infiltration. The FHVI technology is very good equipped for the rising problem of rainwater in urban environments.

The EU recognises that this technology can be used in many places. They awarded the project through the LIFE programme. In the municipalities of Apeldoorn and Werder (Germany) demonstration projects are realised.

In Apeldoorn, between 2019 and 2022, some 150 infiltration wells will be constructed according to the FHVI technology and, as a result, rainwater can flow back into the soil in a short time instead of running off to the sewer. The sewer system will thus not be overloaded and flooding of streets is prevented.

Yuniko expert’s activities:

  • Coordination of the project organization, the beneficiary, the LIFE programme and the Steering Group
  • Coordination of the public relations of the project
  • Contacts with other interested parties in The Netherlands and abroad.