Yuniko provides expertise in the field of wastewater, energy and resources. Yuniko is a young company with very experienced staff who have earned their credits in water companies and the top three engineering firms in the Netherlands. The management and staff of Yuniko are entrepreneurs who have bundled their forces. Innovation, quality and professionalism are the core concepts of our business.

The team has national and international experience since many years. However, since early 2015, the company has embarked in SW Balkans and Turkey, when it was invited by a group of dairy companies. Exploratory visits were made to the region and meetings with several stakeholders took place, which has resulted in new activities, partnerships and business activities. We provide solutions for the treatment of effluents from dairy plants with capacities between 10,000 to 200,000 liters of milk per day.  Further, we develop in-process solutions based Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), such as recovery of whey, optimization of CIP installations and energy efficiency.  In the past years, Yuniko’s team has developed and implemented projects in several countries of the region.

We develop projects for anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment and other systems. We provide consultancy, interim management services for the water sector and project & construction management.

Yuniko has a longstanding cooperation with Dairy University Van Hall Larenstein. Experts and professors from this university participate in our projects.

We work with and on behalf of international organizations, such as EBRD, FMO, the EU and others.