Anaerobic fermentation at KABI, Kosovo

KABI is a modern dairy plant in Kosovo, located in Glijan. The company produce a variety of local products: fresh milk, yoghurt, sour cream, white cheese, feta cheese, ayran, and cream. In 2018, KABI has started a modernization program which includes the installation of a new production line for feta cheese, a quality improvement program and the construction of an innovative anaerobic fermentation plant. This technology converts waste streams into biogas and reduces the pollution of the environment. The biogas is a valuable resource for the production of hot water for the dairy processes.

Yuniko expert’s activities:

  • Technical and economic feasibility study.
  • Design and construction of the anaerobic fermentation plant, including tank construction, biogas storage and processing, installation of electromechanical equipment, telecom and data monitoring.
  • Design and construction of civil works, piping, cabling etc.